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       Justyna Calińska is a highly accomplished documentary filmmaker and cinematographer. She is a member of the Polish Filmmaker Association and has gained recognition for her outstanding achievements in the field.

        Justyna graduated from the Polish National Film School in Lodz, where she obtained her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Cinematography. Throughout her academic journey, Justyna had the privilege of being guided and overseen by Professor Witold Sobociński, who commended her work for its profound poetic and metaphorical nature.

         The Polish Contemporary Documentary Method has had a significant influence on Justyna's work. This approach to filmmaking emphasizes capturing reality in an authentic and unfiltered manner, often using observational techniques and focusing on social and cultural issues.

      Her talent and dedication have been recognized through various accolades and scholarships. Justyna was honored with the prestigious Young Poland Artistic Scholarship, awarded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, for her exceptional contributions to the field of international documentary-making.

        As a testimony to her artistic excellence, Justyna was appointed as the Lodz Cultural Ambassador, a title that recognizes her as a representative of the city's vibrant cultural scene.

       In addition to her scholarship and ambassadorship, Justyna has received scholarships from notable organizations such as the Society of Authors ZAiKS, the Polish Filmmakers Association, the Polish Journalists Association, and the Press Center for Central and Eastern European Countries. These scholarships have further supported her creative endeavors and facilitated her growth as a filmmaker.

       While Justyna splits her time between Poland and USA, her creative work resonates on an international level. Her experiences in both locations likely provide her with diverse perspectives and opportunities to collaborate with artists and filmmakers from various backgrounds.

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